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Chapter 1. Overview Chapter 2. Emulation Guide Chapter 3. Build Your First Project Chapter 4. In System Programming
Chapter 5. USB Interface Installation Chapter 6. LED Display Application Chapter 9. FAQ Chapter 10. System Configuration and Service
Chapter 7. Basic Experiments
7.1. Experiment with LED 7.2. Experiment with Flowing LEDs 7.3. Experiment with Keys 7.4. Experiment with Beeper
7.5. Experiment with Relay 7.6. Experiment with LED Display 7.7. Experiment with Serial Port  
8.1. Experiment with Matrix Key 8.2. Experiment with Stepping Motor 8.3. Experiment with 1-Wire Digital Thermometer DS18B20
8.4. Experiment with 24C01 EEPROM 8.5. Experiment with 93C46 Serial EEPROM 8.6. Experiment with DS1302 Real-time Clock
8.7. Experiment with 8-bit Serial AD Converter ADC0832 8.8. Experiment with 1602 Character LCD Module 8.9. Experiment with 12864 Graphic LCD
8.10. Experiment with Infra-red Remote Controller 8.11. Experiment with Wireless Encoding Module Chapter 11. User Feedback

Chapter 4. In System Programmin

After all the work we have done, it’s time to move on to the last step, programming the MCU by ISP.

Serial ISP with SST MCU

SST MCUs can be programmed by its dedicated downloading software Boot-Strap Loader (BSL).

Boot-Strap Loader is a windows-based software which can be downloaded from SST’s website. It enables users to download/upload their application software into/from the MCU via In-Application Programming1 (IAP) while the system is running.

Plug in the DB9 serial port into the serial interface on development board.

Power the development board with USB cable from PC or external adapater.

Plug in the SST MCU into the 40-pin burn-in socket. Here we use SST89E52RD for example.

After downloading the Boot-Strap Loader zip file, unzip it to your hard disk, and Click SSTEasyIAP.exe to run the Boot-Strap Loader.

Click ‘DetectChip/RS232’ – ‘Detect Target MCU for Firmware1.1F and RS232 Config.

In the popped up dialog, select ‘SST89E/V52RD’ for the FlashFlex51 MCU (V1.1F and plus) and ‘Internal Memory (EA#=1)’ for Memory Mode. And then click ‘Ok’.

The RS232 configuration dialog will pop up. Choose correct Comm Port and Baud Rate, etc, and click ‘Detect MCU’.

A dialog will pop up to ask user to reset the MCU. After clicking OK, the Boot-Strap Loader will detect the MCU that we are going to program with.

After the detection is finished, ‘Detect target MCU is successful!’ will be shown, otherwise you must check your serial com settings, like com port number, baud rate, etc.

Now, click the ‘Download’.

Input the hex or binary file you wished to program in the ‘File Name’ editor, or select the file from its directory. And choose the starting position in wish to program in ‘Starting Sector’. Then click OK.

Boot-Strap Loader will pop the below question for user to confirm. Click OK.

Boot-Strap Loader will first erase, and then write to the MCU. After the writing, the programming is finished.

Parallel ISP with Atmel MCU

With dedicated ISP software, the development board is capable of downloading program into Atmel MCU via parallel port.

First, we should connect the parallel cable, USB cable or 9V external power with the development board. Then mount the AT89S51 MCU onto the burn-in socket.

Find the EPro.exe in the accessory CD.

Click the ‘Setup’ page in the right bottom corner. There you should select suitable settings for your computer. For ‘Programmer Type’, choose ‘Use LPT ISP Writer’.

After setting up properly, click ‘Check Chip’ to check if the target MCU is ready to be programmed.

Then, click ‘Open File’ to load the target hex or bin file.

Now, to erase the MCU, click ‘Erase Chip’.

Click Write Chip to program the hex file into the AT89S51.


After writing, it is optional to verify the program by ‘Verify Data’.


To lock the MCU, click ‘Lock’.

The whole programming is finished

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