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Chapter 1. Overview Chapter 2. Emulation Guide Chapter 3. Build Your First Project Chapter 4. In System Programming
Chapter 5. USB Interface Installation Chapter 6. LED Display Application Chapter 9. FAQ Chapter 10. System Configuration and Service
Chapter 7. Basic Experiments
7.1. Experiment with LED 7.2. Experiment with Flowing LEDs 7.3. Experiment with Keys 7.4. Experiment with Beeper
7.5. Experiment with Relay 7.6. Experiment with LED Display 7.7. Experiment with Serial Port  
8.1. Experiment with Matrix Key 8.2. Experiment with Stepping Motor 8.3. Experiment with 1-Wire Digital Thermometer DS18B20
8.4. Experiment with 24C01 EEPROM 8.5. Experiment with 93C46 Serial EEPROM 8.6. Experiment with DS1302 Real-time Clock
8.7. Experiment with 8-bit Serial AD Converter ADC0832 8.8. Experiment with 1602 Character LCD Module 8.9. Experiment with 12864 Graphic LCD
8.10. Experiment with Infra-red Remote Controller 8.11. Experiment with Wireless Encoding Module Chapter 11. User Feedback

Chapter 10. System Configuration and Service

Standard Configuration

The KinCony 8051 MCU Development Platform                               1 pcs

Emulation tools (SST89E516, 40-pin cable, 20-pin cable)                   1 set

1602 LCD Display                                                                              1 pcs

Infra-red remote controller                                                                 1 pcs

Small-size 5V stepping motor                                                             1 pcs

DS18B20                                                                                             1 pcs

200-meter wireless transceiver (transmitter and receiver)                   1 set

Backup AT89S51                                                                                 1 pcs

Parallel cable                                                                                       1 pcs

Serial cable                                                                                          1 pcs

USB cable                                                                                            1 pcs

Software CD (development tools, examples, MCU sheets, tutorials)   1 disc

Experiment video                                                                                 1 disc


KinCony warrants all components except for chips and LCD against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from date of purchase.

Any device which proves defective during the first 3 monthes will be replaced at no charge; provided that the defective device was not repaired by the user.

Any device which proves defective during the warranty period will be repaired at no charge; provided that the defective device was not repaired by the user.

Contact KinCony or local representative for after-sale service.

Technical Support

All user please register at KinCony’s forum at http://www.agpgames.com/bbs.

For more information, visit KinCony’s website at http://www.agpgames.com


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