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Quick load/unload trays for wafers and EPROMs.
you can control the irradiation time by a timer
Lighyweight, all-plastic casing
Press-and-hold action
Xenon tube supplies UV light at optimum wavelength (253.7nm)
Long-life: up to 10.000 erasures from a single tube


  Wipe your EPROMs clean quickly and safely with the UV Eprom Eraser. Typical erase time is between 10 and 30 seconds. Use the Dataman Strobe Eraser with EPROMs in-circuit or in the anti-static safety tray provided.

Demos photo:

This is appearance picture,one timer on left to control the time and the another is switch to turn ON/OFF UV Eprom Eraser.

Similar to the table drawer, draw back a small drawer, the chip that needs an erasure puts noodles here.

This is a piece of EPROM is 2716 chips, everyone can see, the top circular window will be pass ultraviolet to project light upon this part, attain the purpose of the erase chip contents.

Next, we put a chip into the drawer of the UV Eprom Eraser, prepare to erase chip data.

Turn on the switch, the ultraviolet tube lamp dot of the erasure machine inner part is bright, we can see obvious purple ray of light at this time.

The chip puts up this top.

Then close drawer, wait for the the timer quietly. after time is over, just take the chip from the drawer , the whole processeses is completely.

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