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Simple Experimental 51 Board Set

  4 digit display: This is useful in counter, digital display and clock project, etc.
  Eight LEDs, controlled by 8 dedicated I/O lines
  5 key keypad: one is RESET key , Normal Keyboard 4 keys
  Speaker: Produce a sound and play music.
  Relay Interface: You can control the electrical device by relay.
  24C02: IIC bus experment.
  You can use external power-supply Or USB line.

Experimental Board

Learning microcontroller or want to develop advanced embedded solution based on standard 8051 core, this board will help you quick start with the application by giving you access to everything required to run the microcontroller.

  This multi-function board is able to use 51 series MCU, AT89C5X, AT89S5X, W78E5X, SM895X and etc. It is use to use and also suitable for development and experiment. 8 LEDs, 4 digit display and 5 key keypad on board provide more flexibility for experiment and testing.

Supported Device List:

Atmel AT89C51、AT89C52、AT89S51、AT89S52、AT89LV52、AT89S53、AT89LS53、AT89C55、AT89LV55
AT89C1051(Need ATX051 Socket)、AT89C2051(Need ATX051 Socket)、AT89C4051(Need ATX051 Socket)、
Philips P80C54、P80C58、P87C54、P87C58、P87C524、P87C528
Winbond W78C54、W78C58、W78E54、W78E54
Intel i87C54、i87C58、i87L54、i87L58、i87C51FB、i87C51FC
Temic 80C51、80C52、83C154、83C154D、89C51、87C52 
Siemens C501-1R、C501-1E、C513A-H、C503-1R、C504-2R
ISSI IS80C52、IS89C51、IS89C52
Dallas DS83C520、DS87C520

The kit includes: Simple Experimental Board Set, Power Supply, Installation CD.

Demo Photos:

Use MSC-51 chips to experiment. You can burn the HEX file to chip or use 51 emulator connect to board.

There is no IR receiver in Simple Experimental 51 Board Set but Advanced Experimental Board Set has a IR receiver. Left photo is we added a IR receiver to Simple Experimental 51 Board Set.

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