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51NET Ethernet Kit

51NET Ethernet Kit (Standard Version)


The 51NET Ethernet Kit (Standard Version) is a embedded ethernet development platform for IP based applications on 10BaseT Ethernet networks using an Winbond 78E58 processor. CD with the latest C compiler, open source Nut/OS, TCP/IP application code and example programs. 51NET Ethernet Kit (Standard Version) is an excellent development platform for industrial automation, process control, motion control, equipment monitoring, remote serial communication over IP networks. Everything you need for TCP/IP based remote control is included.


Hardware Resource:

51NET Ethernet Kit (Standard Version) is based on the W78E58B microcontroller from Winbond and the RTL8019AS LAN controller from Realtek. It has an RS-232 port,we can use this port to download file to W78E58B , 10BaseT Ethernet , two digital displayer, one buzzer, one relay. It is convenient for user to debug code and switch control . The board operates at 5volts from a 9-14VDC power supply with reversal polarity protection.

System details:

Based on W78E58 MCU, the working frequency up to 40Mhz, it’s enough for us to running at kinds of net protocol, you can change the MCU that compatible with 8052 by your requirement.
62256 32Kx8 SRAM
X5045 watch dog , 4Kb SPI EEPROM
LEDs indication
Support Keil C compiler

51NET Ethernet Kit

Applied fields:

Remote control
embeded ethernet network
embeded ethernet network study & development


product manual
circuit diagram (PDF format)
all datasheet of ICs on board

51NET Ethernet Kit This is a DEMO photo that three 51NET boards are running. all boards connected by HUB or router. We can setup IP address, MAC adree, Server address, Port number for every board by RS232 cable. The demo application on PC can listen series of clients, the number can be changed by user to modifiy source code. When the network cable connected with board, the green-led will be light.

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