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Company Profile:

    HANGZHOU KinCony ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. located in Hangzhou Gongshu District .
    KinCony electronics is a professional company with more than 10 years' experience. We are dedicated to design and manufacture MCU development board , industrial control products and offer HW/SW package for 51 programmers and funs. Enjoy it.

    Since 2003, we have been one of the leaders and main suppliers in the MCU tools ,such as kinds of programmer , Emulator , development boards. Up to now, 2 patents have been approved and we wrote some books of MCU technology published in China . With good quality, advanced technology and large manufacturing capacity, HANGZHOU KinCony ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. is selected as program provider, product supplier for many companies in different continents.

About Us:

    KinCony Electronic committed to the development, production and marketing of MCU development tools,electronic products, including 8051 MCU development board, 8051 MCU Programmer,8051 MCU Debugger,Chip's Adapter......

    KinCony is a high-tech corporation located in HangZhou, ZheJiang province of P.R.China, where the electronic industry is highly developed.

    We are now selling products including: 8051 MCU development tools, PIC MCU development tools , AVR MCU development tools , TOP853 Programmer, TOP2005+ Programmer, TOP2007 Programmer , TOP2049 Programmer , 1602 LCD, 128x64(12864) Graphic LCD Display module ...

    We are as a growing specialist team which focus on mcu development tools. we would like to do our best to provide the mcu development products with high performance, reliability and reasonable price to our customers.

Flexible Customer Services

    With the accumulated expertise and versatile service unit, totally development of product upon customers' requirement, services are provided to the customers around the world.

Strict Quality Control System

    From the beginning, we recognized quality as the only way a company grows and thrives. With world level quality control from R&D, testing, procurement, production, inspection and service . This is one of the main reasons we are selected as supplier of industry leaders.

Contact Us Today

    Visiting our homepage or contacting us by email or telephone, you will soon find out how we can benefit you. Our professional sales team promise to answer your inquiry within 12 working hours. Starting with even a small order, you will be assured of ourbest attention all the way.


Webmaster Profile:

    Hi , friends. I am XuWei and my nickname is hificat on internet. My major course is "Computer & Science" When I studied in ZheJiang university.It's very

    Nice to meet you on my webside. I am real a electronic hobbyist and very interested in electronics in my period of early youth so that used to paying close attention to information concerned with this aspect.
When I studied in university,my research interest is computer technology and application .I learned the theory about these course.Such as programme,network,

    Multimedia technololy and etc.For my view, I think it's very significant that put own theory into practise.On account of this reason , I had programmed some shared applications.Such as the software "Computer LPT port control system" in my webside download webpage. This project involved software and hardware knowledge.In the past years, I also had done something others. Of course, you can see the photographes about my works in my webside.

    In 2001, I applied for my first patent----'Computer Remote Control Sysytem' and finally acquired the patent right triumphantly. Another patent right----'multifunction guard electric door ' was authorized subsequently . These works occupied me about two years . Not only delighted I with the success , but also encouraged me.
    During the year of 2003 to 2007 , I contributed some articles for 'Radio Magazine' and published several of manuscript (Remark: Radio Magazine : it's a native journal about electronics in China . It's official we url is Http://www.radio.com.cn)
    In 2007, we published our first book " C51 MCU study effectively" in China.

Now , we think you have known about us deeply . If you and usin the same camp, welcome to send email to us . We can communion with eachother. Thand you!

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