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IR Learning Remoter

SRM-403E intelligent learning type remote controller is made using the newest intelligent chip, has advanced (unknown format) identification capacity, thus can automatically identify the format of different emitted codes and can re-emit the code of original format. it has exclusive power break memory function. SRM-403E applies 4-page design, and can combine the functional buttons that you favor or often use on the remote controllers of 4 different electrical applian-ces. The novel appearance, nice handle and easy operation will bring you more convenience and enjoyment.


  Model: SRM-403E
  Can material: ABS
  Weight: (g)
  Batteries: 2*AA
  Transmitting distance: 8M

  Click here to Download the Instruction & Code Form

Demo photos:

This is appearance picture.

Open the box, take out the IR Learning Remoter.

Batteries: 2*AA

  This is the picture in the remote control learning process, remote control of the left side for infrared remote control that need to be study, the right side for IR Learning Remoter.

  Press down a key that need to be the study remote control ascend by hand, the right side also presses to correspond in the meantime of the key carry on a study, then storage the IR code.

  From this picture, we can see the distinguish between conventional IR remoter and IR Learning Remoter . The latter not only have a IR transmitting tube, but also have a receiving tube because of access the IR code.

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