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TOP2048 USB Universal Programmer

  Support 2.5~6.5V device;
  Use USB or AC adaptor power sourceas needed.
  USB communication with PC on data transfer rate 12Mhz/s.
  Suitable for PC/Laptop user.
  Buildin surge protection circuit to protect programmer and device.
  Full pin connectivity verification.
  48 Pin ZIF
  Software will work under WindowsSE/ME/2000/XP
  Compact size and low power consumption.
  Signature ID recognition.
  Programming use internal timer.


Supported Device:

  EPROM: 2716 ~ 27080 ( Detials see supported IC list)
  EEPROM: 28,29,39,49 series flash and EEPROM ( Detials see supported IC list)
  MPU/MCU: PIC, 51 series Intel, Atmel, LG, Philips, Winbond;
  SRAM test: 6264 ~ 628256
  TTL/CMOS IC test, 40, 45, 74 series (2.5V~ 5V)
  Serial memory: 24CXXX, 93CXX
  PLD: 16V8X, 20V8X

The package includes:

  USB Cable
  Quick start guide
  Software CD with user guide(Electronic version).
  5V DC power adapter
  PLCC32-DIP32 and PLCC44-DIP44 adapter(socket version)

More details & supported IC list click here

Demo photos:

The snapshort of the software interface

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